BRANDED is a nimble group of creative professionals for hire to help guide you through your marketing and communications challenges.

We serve the Milwaukee/Madison/Chicago area Stateline communities. 


We are your anti-agency ad agency.


What does that mean? It means  that whatever Don Draper-esque thing you think you know about traditional advertising agencies doesn't apply with BRANDED. We don't cost a fortune. You don't need complicated, lengthy contracts to talk to us. We won't schmooze you excessively or attempt to confuse you with jargon. We won't lure you in with fantastic suits and cool offices and then put your project into the hands of an intern.


What we will do is actually partner with you to make your brand succeed.. After all, if we do a good job, you'll come back again next time. (And you may just refer us to your friends.) So, instead we listen. We respect your time and your budget. We deliver high-quality, results-driven work. And while we all love a good Madison Avenue inspired drama, we promise that you will still be impressed. But your experience will be based on results, not how much scotch we drank together at lunch. 


Our stalwart crew met in 1996 and have been working together ever since, gathering a vast network of creative problem solvers along the way. Reach out today and see how easy working with a BRANDED pro can be.


Jessica Roslof Berge
Senior Consultant/
Jedi Master

Jessica Berge is our lead strategist. She has 26+ years of progressive marketing and sales experience, a master's degree in corporate and public communications, and lives the adage: be like a duck. She looks calm on the surface and works her tail off under the water. She also breaks for small animals and children and loves new challenges and adventures. If you're new to BRANDED, chances are you'll be getting to know her right away!

Marcy Murphy
Graphic Designer/
Font Goddess

Marcy Murphy is the creative lead/senior designer/brand consistency eagle eye. She has 30+ years in creative design, earned her degree at the prestigious Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, and lives for typography perfection. When she isn't ogling fonts, she is an avid swim Mom with a real penchant for backyard organic chickens.

Legions of Cohorts
Like superheros, marketers travel in packs

You don't work in marketing, in the Stateline area, for decades without gathering a band of go-to experts for social media, video, user experience, content creation, illustration and more! The principals at BRANDED are good at what we do. We are honest. And we have excellent reputations with our peers and clients. You have a creative need? We have a solution.

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